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Hire engineers who excel in engineering & communication and who integrate seamlessly with our clients

Red Canyon CEO, Barry Hamilton, personally conducts a technical screening of all candidates before they are offered an employment contract with Red Canyon. This ensures that all of our engineers are able to communicate effectively and are technically equipped to succeed in their future role with Red Canyon.

Red Canyon's engineers have received numerous achievement awards beginning as early as the founding year of the company, demonstrating their ability to integrate with our clients and provide excellent engineering and communication skills. Click here to view a list of employee awards!

Red Canyon has been featured in several media articles:

Check out these testimonials from our customers who received oustanding service from Red Canyon and our engineers!

We couldn't be more proud when our clients are so satisfied with the work performed by our employees that they go out of their way to send us a commendation detailing how they have gone above and beyond for the customer. Here are a few of the things we've heard about our engineers lately:

"Dave has done a great job for GSDO and KLXS, primarily for all his super work on the Advanced Ground System Maintenance (AGSM) hardware and software, including planning, budgeting and manpower. He has also contributed to the development of the ORMS Management System and the development of the Requirements Change Notice process for GSDO, MPCV, and SLS. He is a key cog in the KLXS machine!"
Marv Becker, KLXS-II Program Manager, MEI Company

"As the Deputy of the Operations Office, Treva has learned and defined the team structure, budgets, basis of estimate, team status, validations, and TCID support. She has been instrumental in helping to define the new E2E organization, processes, and building the new Operations team from the ground up."
MEI Executive Officers, KLXS-II Program

"Lisa's strong technical foundation, problem solving and communications skills, and dedication to the team lead to a successful LAS assembly and integration for EFT-1. She took on the challenge to integrate the complex structure and was committed to deliver an exceptional product. She is instrumental to the success of the LAS team, and the Orion program as a whole."
Don Palmer, LAS Manager, Lockheed Martin

"None worked harder than Brian. He acted as a mentor to junior engineers, always with a nurturing, unselfish, professional attitude, often working extended hours. During the MSERP process, he was highly regarded by the MSERP panel. At the conclusion of the MSERP, Brian continued exhibiting his leadership skills in the development and submittal of the major deliverable tied to the dPDR milestone."
Cynthia Dekker, Orion System Safety, Lockheed Martin